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PROBA2 Science Working Team Meetings

Meeting Location Date
CESRA2010/SWT 1 La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium Jun 2010
PROBA2 Science Workshop/SWT 2 ROB, Brussels, Belgium Feb 2011
SUN 360/STEREO-4/SDO-2/SOHO-25/SWT 3 Kiel, Germany Jul 2011
European Space Weather Week 8/SWT 4 Namur, Belgium Nov 2011
STCE Workshops/PROBA2 Science Days/SWT 5 ROB, Brussels, Belgium May 2012
European Space Weather Week 9 / SWT 6 Brussels, Belgium Nov 2012
PROBA2 Science Workshop / SWT 7 ROB, Brussels, Belgium Jun 2013
PROBA2 Splinter European Space Weather Week 10 / SWT 8 Antwerp, Belgium Nov 2013
PROBA Day Meeting / SWT 9 ROB, Brussels, Belgium Mar 2014
European Space Weather Week 11 / SWT 10 Liege, Belgium Nov 2014
PROBA2 Collaborations / SWT 11 ROB, Brussels, Belgium Jun 2015
PROBA2 SWT at European Space Weather Week 12  / SWT 12 Ostende, Belgium Nov 2015
PROBA2 SWT 13 PresentationsSWT13 ROB, Brussels, Belgium Jun 2016
PROBA2 SWT 14 Presentations / SWT14 Ostende, Belgium
Nov 2016
PROBA2 SWT 15 Presentations / SWT15
Ostende, Belgium
Nov 2017
PROBA2 SWT 16 Presentations / SWT16 ROB, Brussels, Belgium Aug 2018
PROBA2 SWT 17 Presentations / SWT17 ROB, Brussels, Belgium Nov 2018


Selected PROBA2 Presentations at External Meetings

The table below contains a brief list of PROBA2-related presentations at external meetings that may be of interest to the general community. For a complete list of all PROBA2-related presentations, click here.

Date Meeting Subject Presenter Links
17-21 November 2014 European Space Weather Week
  • Opening Science session based around PROBA2 related science
  • PROBA2 Fair Stand
  • PROBA2 Tutorial
P2SC - Various

Presentations (Note several external presentations can be obtained by contacting specific presenters)

08-12 September 2014 European Solar Physics Meeting
  • Various science presentations highlighting PROBA2s capabilities.
  • SWAPs views of the extended corona
P2SC - Various Presentations
31 March 2014 Science and science operations of the PROBA satellite fleet
  • PROBA2 (Overview)
  • Coronal Imaging with SWAP
  • Solar irradiance measurements with LYRA
P2SC - Various Presentations
18-22 November 2013 European Space Weather Week
  • Splinter dedicated to PROBA2
  • Presentation on the data products produced by PROBA2
  • SOLID splinter showcased LYRAs capabilities
  • PROBA2 Fair Stand

P2SC - Various


12-17 November 2014

Eclipse on the Coral Sea: Cycle 24 ascending
  • The solar EUV corona up to 2-3 solar radii as seen through PROBA2/SWAP
A. De Groof (ESA) Presentation
5-9 November 2012 European Space Weather Week
  • Tutorial - Space Weather Shopping: PROBA2
  • Tutorial and poster on SoFast
  • Poster on "Evolution of coronal structures associated with plasma outflows at rising solar activity from SWAP and EIS observations"
  • Splinter session on PROBA2/SWAP and LYRA

A. De Groof (ESA)
K. Bonte (KULeuven)
V. Slemzin

P2SC team



10-13 September 2012 Solar Orbiter 5 Workshop
  • PROBA2/SWAP observations of the large-scale, long-term evolution of the EUV corona
  • SoFast: Automated Flare Detection with the SWAP EUV Imager 
  • Could Solar Orbiter observe Quasi-Periodic Pulsations during flares?
  • An analytical model for asymmetric magnetic reconnection during coronal eruption
  • Multi-spacecraft analysis and modeling of a solar eruption on August 14, 2010

A. De Groof (ESA)
K. Bonte (KULeuven)
L. Dolla (ROB)
D. Seaton (ROB)
E. D'Huys (ROB)


25-29 July 2011

STEREO/SDO/SOHO workshop Sun 360
  • Comparison of quasi-periodic pulsations in different wavebands
  • Observations of a Mass-Loading Type CME
  • Areas of CHs in source regions of high speed solar wind streams
  • Multi-spacecraft analysis and modeling of a solar eruption on August 14, 2010
  • Analysis of the 13 April 2010 prominence eruption using SWAP and EUVI data
Laurent Dolla (ROB)
Dan Seaton (ROB)
Elke D’Huys (ROB)
Yulia Shugay
Marilena Mierla
27-29 June 2011 BUKS 2011
  • presentations by Laurent Dolla (ROB) and Tom Van Doorsselaere (KULeuven) on oscillations seen in LYRA data
Laurent Dolla (ROB)
Tom Van Doorsselaere (KULeuven)
9-13 May 2011 4th SOLAIRE Network meeting
  • Objectives and results of SWAP and LYRA onboard PROBA2
Anik De Groof PDF
1-5 May 2011 1st LWS Solar Dynamics Observatory Science Workshop
  • Joint AIA-SWAP Observations of Reconnection-Related Processes During Coronal Eruptions
Dan Seaton PDF
27-31 Mar 2011 4th Solar Orbiter Workshop
  • Talk David Berghmans: "Towards eruption detection onboard Solar Orbiter", based on algorithms running on SWAP data
  • poster Katrien Bonte: " Flare detection & prediction with the SWAP CMOS imager. A proprotype system for the upcoming ESA Solar Orbiter mision."
D. Berghmans, K. Bonte, A. De Groof PDFs
18 July 2010 COSPAR2010 Bremen
  • Talk "First Results from the LYRA Solar UV Radiometer"
Ingolf Dammasch PPT presentation
16 June 2010 CESRA 2010, La Roche-en-Ardenne (B)
  • General PROBA2 & science talk
Anik De Groof PDF
2 April 2010 Space Weather Workshop
  • Introduction to SWAP & LYRA on PROBA
Dan Seaton PDF&movies
22 March 2010 SECCHI meeting, Trinity College Dublin
  • Presentation of SWAP, LYRA and GI programme
Anik De Groof (Keynote presentation & PDF)
November 2009 6th European Space Weather Week
  • Posters on "More PROBA2 Science Data Products" & "PROBA2 Guest Investigator Programme"
Ingolf Dammasch/Anik De Groof Posters