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SWT Meeting 3

Friday Jul 29: 14:00-17:30

14:00-15:00 SCSL session 1: Introduction, Overviews
15:00-16:00 SCSL session 2: Scientific Contributions
16:00-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-17:00 SCSL session 3: Selection of Guest Investigators for period Sep 2011-June 2012
17:00-17:30 SCSL session 4: PROBA2: the next year
19:00-xx:xx: joint dinner 

Session details

SCSL session 1: Introduction and instrument overviews

Chair: Anik


  • Mission status & extension into SSA after 2012? (report prepared by Joe Zender)
  • SWAP status and calibration (David Berghmans, Jean-Philippe Halain)
  • LYRA status and calibration (Marie Dominique, Ingolf Dammasch)

SCSL session 2: Scientific Contributions

Chair: Marie / Dan

Confirmed contributions:

  • Analysis of the solar rotational cycle observed by LYRA (Anna Shapiro, PMOD)
  • Analysis of the eclipses - the follow-up of his talk at ROB (Alexander Shapiro, PMOD)

SCSL session 3: Selection of GI 2011-2012

Chair: Anik


  • Overview of GI proposals and reviews given by non-present SCSL members
  • Discussion and selection of 7 proposals

SCSL session 4: PROBA2: the next year

Chair: David


  • Status of PROBA2 Topical Issue (Anik De Groof)
  • Planning of next Science Working Group splinters, e.g. on the topics below:
    • Analysis of solar eruptions & space weather with PROBA2. Proposal: during European Space Weather Week, Namur, Belgium, 28 Nov - 2 Dec 2011
    • LYRA oscillations meeting
    • PROBA2 solar eclipse meeting
    • LYRA occultation meeting - follow-up meeting of May 5 2011. Proposal: at ROB, Brussels, in autumn
    • dedicated calibration meetings
    • ...
  • Planning of next General Science Meeting