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Update of LYRA level2

The calibration of LYRA data (level 2) has been updated on December 31 2016 00:00:00 to take into account new information about the evolution of dark current, as well as the result of the last calibration campaigns. This update currently results in a small amplitude jump in the timeseries. This jump should disappear the next time the data will be reprocessed, in a few months.


The great eclipse

April 8,  2024. A date that has been highlighted in many calendars for months. It is the day of the Great American Eclipse, as it is now called. A total eclipse during which the Moon’s shadow will cover large parts of Mexico, the USA and Canada. In fact, weather permitting, all of Noth America will witness at least a partial eclipse on that day.

Annular eclipse On October 14, 2023

On Saturday, October 14, an annular solar eclipse crossed North, Central, and South America. Due to its fast polar orbit, the PROBA2 satellite did not cross the eclipse path, but instead observed several partial eclipses.

New Guest Investigator Call: visit the EUI and SWAP/LYRA PI teams in Brussels in 2024!

The EUI and SWAP/LYRA PI teams welcome research proposals for the 2024 round of its Guest Investigator Program for research based on EUI, SWAP or LYRA data analysis by scientists outside the PI teams.

First eclipse of the year

In the early hours of April 20 a solar eclipse took place. Regions on Earth that saw, at least, a partial eclipse include parts of South/East Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. This meant that only a very small fraction of the world's population was able to witness this event. Even if it was a difficult eclipse to observe from the ground, PROBA2 had a front-row seat! 

Guest Investigators for 2023

The Guest Investigator Program is available to promote the use of PROBA2 data. After an tenth call for ideas in 2022, the Guest Investigators for the period Jan 2023 until Dec 2023 were selected.

The selected Guest Investigators, and their (provisional) research topic, for 2023 are the following:

SWAP dark current update - special care needed for 2022 science data

The dark current estimate that is used in the calibration of SWAP images has been updated. The new calibration file is applied in the routine production of SWAP LV1 files starting today. This dark current analysis allowed us to confirm that the SWAP instrument is in excellent health and does not show significant degradation, even after 14 years in orbit!

The P2SC launches its 10th Guest Investigator call - deadline 31 Jan 2023

The PROBA2 PI-team welcomes research proposals for the tenth round of its Guest Investigator program for research based on SWAP and LYRA data analysis by scientists outside the SWAP and LYRA PI-teams. 


PROBA2 data flow interrupted- Update: all data now processed and available

As a result of P2SC system upgrades that were performed on November 9, the processing of LYRA and SWAP data is currently interrupted.

Both instruments are in good health and still collecting data. This data is being received from the satellite and stored securely on ground.

We will process all archives as soon as possible and put the resulting files online when they are ready.

Solar eclipse on October 25, 2022

The second solar eclipse of the year has occurred! On October 25 the Moon passed in front of the Sun once more. This was a special eclipse to us, as it was visible as a partial eclipse from PROBA2’s home country, Belgium. 


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