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PROBA2 Guest Investigator 4th Call Results

We are pleased to announce that the PROBA2 Science Working Team has selected 7 proposals for the 2013 Guest Investigator Program.

DSLP ionospheric on-line data archive

The Dual Segmented Langmuir Probe (DSLP) experiment on board PROBA2 operates in combination with SWAP and LYRA providing remote observations of solar activity with direct in-situ measurements of basic plasma properties in the dawn and dusk sectors of the upper terrestrial ionosphere.

SDO data usage poll

Please fill out this form so we get a picture of current and future SDO data needs from the community. The current status of the SDO data storage is described on the SDO data storage at SIDC  page

SWAP follows and catches a Prominence Eruption

Filament Eruption Image Over a period of five days, from Wednesday 24th 13:05 until Monday 29th 13:45, PROBA2 made off-point observations (not Sun centered) to allow the SWAP imager to observe a large on-disk filament. The filament evolved towards the West limb and it was estimated to reach the limb on Friday/Saturday.

Guest investigator Muzhou Lu presents SWAP data at gallery

In May 2013 PROBA2 Guest Investigator Muzhou Lu, an undergraduate Astrophysics and Studio Art student at Williams College in Massachusetts, in the United States, recently presented SWAP data as part of an art installation at the Williams College Museum of Art.

ESWW10 PROBA2 SWT Splinter

The PROBA2 science working team (SWT) is organising a splinter session at the Tenth European Space Weather Week (November 18 - 22, 2013, Antwerp, Belgium; Date, Time : to be set, according to allocation).

SWAP & LYRA observe an M6.5 flare

On Thursday 11th of April, an energetic M6.5 flare erupted from the Sun.

It occurred slightly north east of the center of the solar disk, and therefore a strong candidate for being directed to Earth.

Below are provided a SWAP difference image and video, as well as the LYRA curves, for this occurrence.



PROBA2 Observes Solar Eclipse on November 13th, 2012

PROBA presentations at European Space Weather Week


Vacature responsable scientifique PROBA2



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