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The huge filament eruption of August 31st 2012

A magnificent filament eruption occurred on Friday 31st around 19:40 (see picture below; movies of the whole eruption can be found here). The erupting filament can be seen traveling in the South-East direction. At the time of this image, the erupting filament is extending out of the SDO/AIA field of view.

SWAP/LYRA Guest Investigator Program 2012 - 2013 (GI3)

On July 31st, the PROBA2 Science Working Team defined the SWAP/LYRA Guest Investigator Program for 2012-2013.

The selected candidates and their study subjects are presented on the following web page:

Congratulations to the selectees - we're looking forward to work with you all.

Huge filament eruption in the evening of Thursday 26th of July

A solar prominence/filament, 'sitting' on the North-East limb, erupted on Thu 24th, around 20:45.


An eruption on 23rd of July, originating behind West limb - UPDATE: Might have generated one of the fastest CME's ever recorded


UPDATE!!!! 25/07/2012

This eruption may have generated the fastest CME ever recorded... To be followed up!



This morning, on 23rd of July, at 02:15, a solar eruption could be witnessed, expanding from the West limb. This eruption likely originated from AR11520 which disappeared around the west limb a few days ago.

AR 11520 flares from behind the limb - 20/07/2012

Yesterday early morning, AR 11520, having rotated behind the west limb, erupted and released an M7.7 flare.


The first picture shows the eruption and its extent.

NOAA 1515 takes the center stage

NOAA 1515 appeared at the southeastern solar limb on June 27th. With a maximum sunspot area of only about 5 times the total surface of the Earth, it certainly did not become the biggest sunspot group so far this solar cycle.
Nonetheless, the group was quite complex and showed interesting dynamics. For example, the images underneath taken by SDO/HMI ( ) on 1 and 2 July show the splitting of the main spot in less than 24 hours! Cytokinesis of solar proportions!

PROBA2 Observes a Rare Transit of Venus

The 2012 Venus transit of the Sun was only visible for a short period in Belgium however it was recorded from beginning to end by a Belgian instrument onboard the satellite PROBA2.

PROBA2's Space-Based View of an Annular Solar Eclipse

On Monday, May 21, the shadow of the Moon swept over the Earth, treating observers in North America and East Asia to an annular eclipse. Though it was not visible in Belgium, a pair of Belgian instruments on the PROBA2 had a spectacular view of the eclipse from orbit.

Zonsverduistering 20 & 21 Mei 2012

Sunday 20 May 2012.

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Niet zichtbaar in België, maar waargenomen door Belgische instrumenten aan boord van PROBA 2.


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