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Solar Activity Increasing

After one of the longest and deepest periods of solar inactivity in recent history, there have been hints the sun is reawakening, just weeks before PROBA2’s launch. For PROBA2 scientists, who hope to study the causes and effects of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and coronal holes — all associated with increased solar activity — this is good news.

The weekly bulletin from ROB’s Solar Influences Data Center tells the story of one recent event:

Installation of PROBA2 in Eurockot Completed

Today the SMOS satellite was encapsulated under the rocket fairing, which protects the satellites during launch. This means that the two payload fairing halves were mounted together and both satellites were enclosed in the fairing. Then the fairing was lowered and finally mounted onto the Breeze upper stage.

PROBA2 Set For Launch

PROBA2 is in Plesetsk, Russia being prepared for launch on November 2!

You can follow all of the events leading up to PROBA2’s launch.

The Peter in Plesetsk Blog (in Dutch) gives updates on PROBA2’s status from the perspective of an engineer working on launch preparations.


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