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Happy Birthday PROBA2

At 01:50UT, 2 November 2009, SMOS and PROBA2 lifted off on the rockot vehicle from Plesetsk. Since then, SWAP, LYRA, DSLP and DPMU provide a continuous stream of solar and in-situ data towards the Space Weather and Solar Physics communities.


SWAP Carrington Rotation Movies

The PROBA2 team is now producing a new data product: deep-exposure SWAP movies that cover an entire Carrington rotation. These movies reveal the dynamics of large-scale coronal structures that typically evolve on very long timescales. Because of SWAP’s unique 54-arcmin field-of-view, these movies reveal many features never before seen in the Extreme-Ultraviolet.

Largest solar flare so far in Cycle 24

On August 9 at 08:05 UT, SWAP and LYRA onboard PROBA2 recorded a solar flare of class X6.9, the strongest so far in the current solar cycle. At the time of the flare, PROBA2 was offpointed to the west limb, close to where the flaring active region was located, so that part of the event could be observed off-limb.

SWAP Software August Update

Impressive M9.3 flare on August 4

On August 4 2011, around 4UT in the morning, a very strong solar flare (class M9.3) occurred in the North-Western quadrant of the Sun. The subsequent global EUV wave - comparable to a solar tsunami - influenced more than half of the solar surface. The following snapshots of the SWAP difference movie shows the explosive event in full glory. It was also associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME) which is now heading towards Earth.

Partial solar eclipse of July 1, 2011


Extra-ordinary M-flare observations

On June 7, around 6:30UT, LYRA observed an M2.5-flare with both its short-wavelength channels Aluminium and Zirconium.

June 1st partial solar eclipse

On June 1st, a partial eclipse was visible on Earth at northern latitudes (see e.g.…). Between 20:40 and 22:46UT, PROBA2 crossed twice the path of the lunar shadow and registered 2 partial solar eclipses. SWAP was acquiring images at 30s cadence and made a very beautiful recording of the lunar transits.

Second Call for Guest Investigator Program is open

Both the EUV imager SWAP as the X and UV radiometer LYRA onboard PROBA2 are in operational phase for more than one year now and have been acquiring very valuable data. During that year, 11 selected PROBA2 Guest Investigators have been (or are still) visiting the PROBA2 Science Center to efficiently use SWAP and LYRA data in their scientific research.

LYRA quicklook data delivered in near-real time

The automatic generation of all LYRA data products after each pass is almost completely set up. Since March 17, also the level 4 data, i.e. PNG files with 1minute-averaged data, are automatically generated after each pass.

These data - both the latest as the archive - can be accessed via the webpages:


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