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SWAP data

Raw SWAP data are downloaded 8-10 times per day at ESA’s ground station in Redu and transferred to the PROBA2 Science Center (P2SC) via ftp link. Once received by the P2SC, the data are automatically processed, calibrated, and prepared for public distribution.

PROBA2 began its scientific mission in March 2010. All data obtained since then are freely available and fully calibrated (although most data since launch on November 2009 are available as well).

For scientific users, the easiest way to obtain SWAP data is through the SWAP Object in the SolarSoft package for IDL. A tutorial describing how to install and use the SWAP Object is available as well. SWAP data is also available through the Solarnet Virtual Observatory (SVO) that offers flexible data access through a web client, an IDL client, a Python client and a RESTful API. We recommend for quick access to SWAP data, movie-making, and easy coordination with other instrument data.

A complete archive of SWAP data products is available through the links below and is organized by date. (Direct links to data products are also available in the "Data" menu in the sidebar to the left.)

The SWAP average intensity and LYRA data of levels 1 and 2 can be vizualized with the following interactive Quicklook Viewer.

Scientific calibration and analysis tools for SWAP data are distributed through SolarSoft. A description can be found here.

Data and movies for special event campaigns, such as eclipses and planetary transits can be found here.

How to find SWAP data of specific science campaigns?