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How to find SWAP/LYRA data from science campaigns?

In general, SWAP is acquiring non-stop EUV images with a cadence between 1 and 4 minutes. LYRA’s nominal programme produces timelines for the 4 channels of unit 2 at 50ms cadence. From time to time, special science (or calibration) campaigns are run.

For the moment, the easiest way to find out about science campaigns with SWAP and LYRA, is to consult the Operations Calendar

The data taken during these campaigns can be found in the usual way, by browsing through the year/month/day folders in http://proba2/instrument/data or through the SWAP object in SSW IDL (see tutorial). Please note that not all campaign data are available in the calibrated data format. During off-points for example, data might only be available through the SWAP uncalibrated (lev0) data tree or the LYRA uncalibrated (lev1) data tree.