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Guest Investigators for 2023

The Guest Investigator Program is available to promote the use of PROBA2 data. After an tenth call for ideas in 2022, the Guest Investigators for the period Jan 2023 until Dec 2023 were selected.

The selected Guest Investigators, and their (provisional) research topic, for 2023 are the following:

Sewell, R. LYRA An Operational Pipeline of Thermospheric Temperature and Density using High Cadence LYRA Occultation Measurements
Kumar, S. SWAP Using SWAP Observations for Optimising The Magnetic FieldExtrapolation and Solar Wind Velocity Prediction Models

DiLorenzo L. & Lopez, F.

SWAP Investigating streamer blowout coronal mass ejections with SWAP
West, M. SWAP Connecting large scale coronal structures from the middle to the lower corona
Bizien, N SWAP Investigation on the Sources of Switchbacks withPROBA2/SWAP and Parker Solar Probe