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Complete List of PROBA2 Presentations

This page is kept as up-to-date as possible, but if you are seeking a specific presentation and cannot find it in the list below we recommend contact the P2SC team directly.

Date Meeting Subject Presenter Links
21 Apr 2013 ISES PROBA2 and Space Weather Tools  M West PPT
04 Apr 2013 Met Office Seminar PROBA2 and Space Weather Tools  M West PPT
03 Apr 2013 SSCC Inauguration PROBA2 videos   Movies
02 Apr 2013 EUMETNET meeting
Space Weather Services at Space Pole
M West PPT
14 Nov 2012 EclipseontheCoralSea PalmCove The Solar Corona up to 2-3 solar radii as seen through PROBA2/SWAP A Groof PDF
08 Aug 2012 Charm meeting Solar flare studies with the LYRA - instrument onboard PROBA2 M Dominique PPT
10 Sep 2012 Solar Orbiter 5 Workshop The extended corona and related presentations Various  
07 Sep 2012 URANIA opendeur De zon & PROBA2 D Berghmans, D Seaton PPT, PPT
14 Jul 2012 COSPAR LYRA on-board PROBA2: instrument performances and latest results M Dominique PPT
31 May 2012 STCE annual Day The success of PROBA2 Various PDFs
03 May 2012 Royal Observatory of Belgium PROBA2 Day Various presentations pertaining to the health of the PROBA2 satelite Various  
16 May 2012 Space Science Seminar, EOS Institute, Univ. of New Hampshire What Causes Solar Eruptions: Studying CMEs and Flares using observations and models D Seaton  
9 May 2012 Williams College Senior Seminar What Causes Solar Eruptions: Studying CMEs and Flares using observations and models D Seaton  

5-9 Dec 2011

AGU Fall meeting   Marie Dominique
Alexander Shapiro (PMOD)
28 Nov-2 Dec 2011 8th European Space Weather Week      
25-27 Oct 2011 Solar EUV Irradiance Inter-Calibration and Validation Workshop LYRA data compared to other irradiance instruments Ingolf Dammasch
Marie Dominique
13-16 Sep 2011 2011 SORCE Science Meeting Status and Last Results from the PROBA2/LYRA Solar Radiometer Matthieu Kretzschmar  
12-16 Sep 2011 ESPM13 First Science Results from PROBA/SWAP and LYRA Anik De Groof  
29 Aug-2Sep

The Sun: From Quiet to Active, International Moscow Workshop on Solar Physics

Joint AIA-SWAP Observations of Reconnection-Related Processes During Coronal Eruptions

Kathy Reeves
Dan Seaton

25-29 July 2011 STEREO/SDO/SOHO workshop Sun 360 Comparison of quasi-periodic pulsations in different wavebands
Observations of a Mass-Loading Type CME
Areas of CHs in source regions of high speed solar wind streams
Multi-spacecraft analysis and modeling of a solar eruption on August 14, 2010
Analysis of the 13 April 2010 prominence eruption using SWAP and EUVI data
Laurent Dolla (ROB)
Dan Seaton
Elke D’Huys (ROB)
Yulia Shugay
Marilena Mierla
27-29 June 2011 BUKS 2011 presentations by Laurent Dolla (ROB) and Tom Van Doorsselaere (KULeuven) on oscillations seen in LYRA data Laurent Dolla (ROB)
Tom Van Doorsselaere (KULeuven)
9-13 May 2011 4th SOLAIRE Network meeting Objectives and results of SWAP and LYRA onboard PROBA2 Anik De Groof PDF
7 May 2011 Open Doors European Council PROBA2 David Berghmans presentation
1-5 May 2011 1st LWS Solar Dynamics Observatory Science Workshop Joint AIA-SWAP Observations of Reconnection-Related Processes During Coronal Eruptions Dan Seaton PDF
3-8 April 2011 EGU, Vienna   J. Zender, V. Slemzin  
27-31 Mar 2011 4th Solar Orbiter Workshop - Talk David Berghmans: "Towards eruption detection onboard Solar Orbiter", based on algorithms running on SWAP data
  • poster Katrien Bonte: " Flare detection & prediction with the SWAP CMOS imager. A proprotype system for the upcoming ESA Solar Orbiter mision."
D. Berghmans, K. Bonte, A. De Groof PDFs
17-18 Nov 2011 2nd PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting, ROB, Belgium Several talks on SWAP & LYRA P2SC team  
15-19 Nov 2010 7th European Space Weather Week Several talks & posters P2SC team  
18 Oct 2010 ICTP School (SOTERIA, COST), Trieste Lecture on "space born instruments" David Berghmans  
12 Sep 2010 SIPWork V      
10 Sep 2010 10th Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium Talk on "Solar Irradiance Observations with LYRA on PROBA2" Ingolf Dammasch  
18 July 2010 COSPAR2010 Bremen Invited Talk PROBA2 for operational space weather products David Berghmans  
18 July 2010 COSPAR2010 Bremen Talk "First Results from the LYRA Solar UV Radiometer" Ingolf Dammasch PPT presentation
5 July 2010 AOGS2010 Invited talk SWAP + poster GI program David Berghmans  
16 June 2010 CESRA 2010, La Roche-en-Ardenne (B) general PROBA2 & science talk Anik De Groof PDF
14-15 June 2010 PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting, La Roche-en-Ardenne (B) several presentations on SWAP & LYRA whole PROBA2 team  
4 June 2010 Astro-Event Group, amateur astronomy club general public talk on PROBA2 David Berghmans  
20 May 2010 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics PROBA2 presentation Dan Seaton  
19 May 2010 University of New Hampshire, Durham PROBA2 presentation Dan Seaton  
11 May 2010 High school physics classes, Philadelphia General Solar Physics Introduction with emphasis on PROBA2 data Dan Seaton  
3 May 2010 HAO/NCAR Boulder PROBA2 presentation Dan Seaton  
2 April 2010 Space Weather Workshop SWAP&LYRA presentation Dan Seaton PDF&movies
22 March 2010 SECCHI meeting, Trinity College Dublin Presentation of SWAP, LYRA and GI programme Anik De Groof (Keynote presentation & PDF)
8 March 2010 PICARD workshop LYRA presentation J.F. Hochedez  
November 2009 6th European Space Weather Week Posters on "More PROBA2 Science Data Products" & "PROBA2 Guest Investigator Programme" Ingolf Dammasch/Anik De Groof Posters