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PROBA2 Partial Eclipse Observations - 15-Feb-2018

A partial solar eclipse was visible on 2018 February 15, in the southern part of South America, including many locations in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as in Antarctica. The eclipse was visible from some areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well. 

The PROBA2 satellite also observed two eclipses on February 15, between 19:59 and 20:11 UT, and between 21:28 and 21:41 UT. Additionally, the Moon appeared two times in the field of view of the solar instruments onboard PROBA2, SWAP and LYRA, without obscuring the solar disk.

A movie simulating the SWAP observations on February 15 can be found here. 

SWAP Data of the Eclipse

During the eclipse, SWAP observed the Sun at high cadence. All the movies and images are available at this link to the data. Here you can find movies as well as PNGs with or without timestamps and logos.

SWAP observation of the eclipse on February 15, 2018.



LYRA data of the eclipse

This event was observed by LYRA with two of its units: the nominal one (unit 2) and the calibration one (unit 1). Among the three units of LYRA, unit 1 is the least affected by the ageing effects. LYRA quicklooks, calibrated (for unit 2) and uncalibrated daily fits files are available for this event.

LYRA observation of the eclipse on February 15, 2018.

Data Use Policy

All PROBA2 images and movies used in outreach and the media should be credited to "ESA/ROB". Additional information about the terms of use for PROBA2 data is available on the PROBA2 website.

Contacting the PROBA2 Team

All requests for media comments, data assistance, or planning requests can be directed to the SWAP and LYRA teams via