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PROBA2 Guest Investigator 7th Call Results

We are pleased to announce that the PROBA2 Science Working Team has selected 8 proposals for the 2016 Guest Investigator Program.

The PROBA2-SWT committee welcomes the high level of the submitted proposals. Each proposal was evaluated by at least 5 referees of which at least four were external to the SWAP and LYRA PI teams. The committee observed the wide coherence between the opinions of these referees. On the basis of the received referee reports, a preliminary ranking was set up. During a meeting on 20 April 2016, the PROBA2-SWT committee re-discussed the merits of each proposal. This resulted in the acceptance of the following proposals  (in alphabetical order with provisional title):

F. Frassati Formation and early evolution of coronal shock waves.
F. Goryaev  Study of properties of the inner corona and search of solar wind flows by illumination from backside solar flares.
M. Janvier  The evolution of flux ropes and their accompanying filament/prominence during eruptive flares.
M.Kirk A Targeted Analysis of the Link Between Filament Eruptions, Lower Coronal EUV Features, and CMEs With PROBA2 SWAP.
L. Krista The structural and footpoint evolution of CMEs.
V. Krupar Radio signatures of the shock waves and their association with coronal structures seen by the SWAP and coronagraph observations.
O. Panasenco  Pseudostreamers and their Immediate Environment: Observations and Modeling.
E. Thiemann

Inversion of LYRA Occultations with the Onion Peel Method. 

The visiting schedule will now be finalized and details will be presented here.