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PROBA2 Publications

Science papers

All PROBA2 papers published and retrievable through the ADS abstract query can be found here.

The list below provides a selection of papers that have made use of PROBA2 data in interesting ways. Additionally, several Guest Investigator visits have resulted in published or soon-to-be published papers, these are indicated by an asterisk in the list below.6

  1. Zigman et al. 2023, "Lower-ionosphere electron density and effective recombination coefficients from multi-instrument space observations and ground VLF measurements during solar flares", JASTP, ADS link
  2. Berger et al. 2023, " The Thermosphere Is a Drag: The 2022 Starlink Incident and the Threat of Geomagnetic Storms to Low Earth Orbit Space Operations", Space Weather, ADS link
  3. West et al. 2022, "A Review of the Extended EUV Corona Observed by the Sun Watcher with Active Pixels and Image Processing (SWAP) Instrument", Sol Phys, ADS link
  4. Mrak et al. 2022, " Modeling Solar Eclipses at Extreme Ultra Violet Wavelengths and the Effects of Nonuniform Eclipse Shadow on the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System", JGR: Space Physics, ADS link
  5. Wauters et al. 2022, "Observation of a Flare and Filament Eruption in Lyman-α on 8 September 2011 by the PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy/Large Yield Radiometer (PROBA2/LYRA)", Sol Phys, ADS link
  6. Li et al., "Detection of Flare Multiperiodic Pulsations in Mid-ultraviolet Balmer Continuum, Lyα, Hard X-Ray, and Radio Emissions Simultaneously", ApJ, ADS link
  7. Thiemann et al. 2021, "PROBA2 LYRA Occultations: Thermospheric Temperature and Composition, Sensitivity to EUV Forcing and Comparisons with Mars", JGR: Space Physics, ADS link
  8. Wyper et al. 2021, “A Model for the Coupled Eruption of a Pseudostreamer and Helmet Streamer”, ApJ, ADS link
  9. Maguire et al. 2021, “LOFAR Observations of a Jet-driven Piston Shock in the Low Solar Corona”, ApJ, ADS link
  10. Sieyra 2020, “Analysis of Large Deflections of Prominence-CME Events during the Rising Phase of Solar Cycle 24”, Sol Phys, ADS link
  11. Koukras et al. 2020, “Analyzing the propagation of EUV waves and their connection with type II radio bursts by combining numerical simulations and multi-instrument observations”, A&A, ADS link
  12. Goryaev et al. 2020, “Identification of Hot Plasma Anomalies in Solar Wind Using Fe Ion Charge Distributions”, ApJ Letters, ADS link
  13. Patel et al. 2020, “Automated Detection of Accelerating Solar Eruptions Using Parabolic Hough Transform”, Sol Phys, ADS link
  14. Morosan et al. 2020, "Extended radio emission associated with a breakout eruption from the back side of the Sun, A&A, ADS link
  15. Zharkov et al. 2020, "Sunquake with a second bounce, other sunquakes, and emission associated with the X9.3 flare of 6 September 2017. I. Observations", A&A, ADS link
  16. Feng et al. 2020:" Three-Dimensional Reconstructions of Coronal Wave Surfaces Using a New Mask-Fitting Method", Sol Phys, ADS link
  17. Meyer et al. 2020:"Investigation of the Middle Corona with SWAP and a Data-Driven Non-Potential Coronal Magnetic Field Model", Sol Phys, ADS link
  18. Mierla et al. 2020:"Long-Term Evolution of the Solar Corona Using PROBA2 Data", Sol Phys, ADS link
  19. Cécere et al. 2020:"Large non-radial propagation of a coronal mass ejection on 2011 January 24", ASR, ADS link
  20. O’Hara et al. 2019:"Exceptional Extended Field-of-view Observations by PROBA2/SWAP on 2017 April 1 and 3", ApJ, ADS link
  21. Leka et al. 2019:"A Comparison of Flare Forecasting Methods. III. Systematic Behaviors of Operational Solar Flare Forecasting Systems", ApJ, ADS link
  22. Palmerio et al. 2019:"Multipoint Study of Successive Coronal Mass Ejections Driving Moderate Disturbances at 1 au", ApJADS link
  23. Tadikonda et al. 2019:"Coronal Imaging with the Solar UltraViolet Imager", Sol Phys, ADS link
  24. Sarkar et al. 2019:"Evolution of the Coronal Cavity From the Quiescent to Eruptive Phase Associated with Coronal Mass Ejection", ApJADS link
  25. Morosan et al. 2019:"Variable emission mechanism of a Type IV radio burst", ApJADS link
  26. Frassati et al. 2019:"Comprehensive Analysis of the Formation of a Shock Wave Associated with a Coronal Mass Ejection", ApJADS link
  27. Frassati et al. 2019:"Kinematics of a compression front associated with a Coronal Mass Ejection", Nuovo Cimento C, ADS link
  28. Berngardt et al. 2019:"Global diagnostics of ionospheric absorption during X-ray solar flares based on 8-20MHz noise measured by over-the-horizon radars", ApJADS link
  29. Dominique et al. 2018:"First Detection of Solar Flare Emission in Mid-ultraviolet Balmer Continuum", ApJADS link
  30. Goryaev et al. 2018:"Brightening and Darkening of the Extended Solar Corona during the Superflares of September 2017", ApJ, ADS link
  31. Dominique et al. 2018:"Detection of Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar EUV Time Series", Sol Phys, ADS link
  32. Tavabi, E. et al. 2018:"Analysis of a Failed Eclipse Plasma Ejection Using EUV Observations", Sol Phys, ADS link
  33. McLaughlin, J. A. 2018:"Modelling Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar and Stellar Flares", SSRv, ADS link
  34. Milligan, R. O. 2018: "On the Performance of Multi-Instrument Solar Flare Observations During Solar Cycle 24", Sol Phys, ADS link
  35. Hahn, M. et al. 2018: "Density Fluctuations in a Polar Coronal Hole", ApJ, ADS link
  36. Del Zanna, G. 2018: "Predicting the COSIE-C Signal from the Outer Corona up to 3 Solar Radii", ApJ, ADS link
  37. Katsiyannis, A. C. 2018: "The detection of ultra-relativistic electrons in low Earth orbit", JSWSC, ADS link
  38. Thiemann, E. M. B. 2017: "Vertical Thermospheric Density Profiles From EUV Solar Occultations Made by PROBA2 LYRA for Solar Cycle 24", SpWea, ADS link
  39. Carley, E. P. 2017: "Estimation of a coronal mass ejection magnetic field strength using radio observations of gyrosynchrotron radiation", A&A, ADS link
  40. Frassati, F. 2017: "Study of the early phase of a Coronal Mass Ejection driven shock in EUV images", Ap&SS, ADS link
  41. Witasse, O. 2017: "Interplanetary coronal mass ejection observed at STEREO-A, Mars, comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Saturn, and New Horizons en route to Pluto: Comparison of its Forbush decreases at 1.4, 3.1, and 9.9 AU", JGRA, ADS link
  42. Zender, J. J. et al. 2017:"Segmentation of photospheric magnetic elements corresponding to coronal features to understand the EUV and UV irradiance variability", A&A, ADS link
  43. Stankov, Stanimir M. et al. 2017: "Multi-instrument observations of the solar eclipse on 20 March 2015 and its effects on the ionosphere over Belgium and Europe", JSWSC, ADS link
  44. Alzate, N. and Morgan. H. 2017: "Identification of Low Coronal Sources of “Stealth” Coronal Mass Ejections Using New Image Processing Techniques", ApJ, ADS Link
  45. Hautesserres, D. and Lara. M. 2017: "Intermediary LEO propagation including higher order zonal harmonics", CeMDA, ADS Link
  46. D'Huys, E. et al. 2017: "Solar signatures and eruption mechanism of the August 14, 2010 coronal mass ejection (CME)", JSWSC, ADS Link
  47. Seaton, D. B. et al. 2017: "Observations of the Formation, Development, and Structure of a Current Sheet in an Eruptive Solar Flare", ApJ, ADS Link
  48. Gopalswamy, N. et al. 2017: "The 2012 July 23 Backside Eruption: An Extreme Energetic Particle Event?", ApJ, ADS Link
  49. Carley, E.P. 2016: "Radio Diagnostics of Electron Acceleration Sites During the Eruption of a Flux Rope in the Solar Corona", ApJ, ADS Link
  50. Schanche, N. E. et al. 2016: "The Blob Connection: Searching for Low Coronal Signatures of Solar Post-CME Blobs", ApJ, ADS Link
  51. Tan, B. L. et al. 2016: "Diagnosing the Source Region of a Solar Burst on 26 September 2011 by Using Microwave Type-III Pairs", Sol Phys, ADS Link
  52. Cid, C. et al. 2016: "Redefining the Boundaries of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections from Observations at the Ecliptic Plane", ApJ, ADS Link
  53. Wauters, L. et al. 2016: "LYRA Mid-Term Periodicities", Sol Phys, ADS Link
  54. Hayes, L. A. et al. 2016: "Quasi-periodic Pulsations during the Impulsive and Decay phases of an X-class Flare", ApJ, ADS Link
  55. D'Huys, E. 2016: "Observing the Unobservable: identification and Characterization of Stealth Coronal Mass Ejections", PhD, ADS Link
  56. Ryan, D. F. et al. 2016: "Effects of flare definitions on the statistics of derived flare distributions", A&A, ADS Link
  57. Milligan, R. and Chamberlain. P. 2016: "Anomalous temporal behaviour of broadband Lyα observations during solar flares from SDO/EVE", A&AADS Link
  58. Bryans, P. et al. 2016: "On the Absence of EUV Emission from Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)", ApJADS Link
  59. Guennou, C. et al. 2016: "Lifecycle of a Large-Scale Polar Coronal Pseudostreamer / Cavity System", FrASSADS Link
  60. Alzate, N. et al. 2016: "Jets, Coronal “puffs,” and a slow coronal mass ejection caused by an Opposite-Polarity Region Within an Active Region Footpoint", ApJADS Link
  61. Johri, A. et al. 2016: "An Intense Flare-CME Event in 2015: Propagation and Interaction Effects Between the Sun and Earth's Orbit", Solar PhysicsADS Link
  62. Slemzin, V. et al. 2016: "Validation of Earth atmosphere models using solar EUV observations from the CORONAS and PROBA2 satellites in occultation mode", JSWSCADS Link
  63. Cessateur, G. et al. 2016: "Solar irradiance observations with PREMOS filter radiometers on the PICARD mission: In-flight performance and data release", A&AADS Link
  64. Amaya, J. et al. 2015: "The PAC2MAN mission: a new tool to understand and predict solar energetic events", JSWSCADS Link
  65. Provan, G. et al. 2015: "Planetary period oscillations in Saturn's magnetosphere: Examining the relationship between abrupt changes in behavior and solar wind-induced magnetospheric compressions and expansions", JGRADS Link
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  69. Mumford, S.J. et al. 2015: "SunPy - Python for Solar Physics", Solar Physics, ADS Link
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  91. Seaton et al. 2013: "SWAP Observations of the Long-Term, Large-Scale Evolution of the EUV Solar Corona" ApJ. ADS Link
  92. Raftery et al. 2013: "Temperature Response of the 171 Å Passband of the SWAP Imager on PROBA2, with a Comparison to TRACE, SOHO, STEREO, and SDO" Solar Physics. ADS Link
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  99. Egarov et al. 2012: "Study of CME properties using high resolution data." ADS Link
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  117. Kumara et al. 2011*: "Preliminary Results on Irradiance Measurements from Lyra and Swap." Adv. Astron. 2012. ADS Link
  118. Egorova et al. 2008: "Reconstruction of the solar spectral UV irradiance for nowcasting of the middle atmosphere state on the basis of LYRA measurements" Atmos. Chem. Physics. ADS Link

PROBA2 reference and overview papers

The following publications are SWAP and LYRA reference papers.

SWAP Instrument Papers:

  1. Seaton et al. 2013, "The SWAP EUV Imaging Telescope Part I: Instrument Overview and Pre-Flight Testing", Solar PhysicsADS Link
  2. Halain et al. 2013, "The SWAP EUV Imaging Telescope. Part II: In-flight Performance and Calibration", Solar PhysicsADS Link

Technical paper on SWAP's novel use of an APS detector for solar physics:

  1. De Groof et al. 2008: "CMOS-APS Detectors for Solar Physics: Lessons Learned during the SWAP Preflight Calibration", Solar Physics249, 147. ADS Link

LYRA Instrument Paper:

  1. Dominique et al. 2013: "The LYRA Instrument Onboard PROBA2: Description and In-Flight Performance", Solar Physics. ADS Link

Other PROBA2 and PROBA2 Science Center Papers:

  1. Santandrea et al. 2013: "PROBA2: Mission and Spacecraft Overview" Solar Physics. ADS Link
  2. Zender et al. 2013: "The Projects for Onboard Autonomy (PROBA2) Science Centre: Sun Watcher Using APS Detectors and Image Processing (SWAP) and Large-Yield Radiometer (LYRA) Science Operations and Data Products.", Solar Physics. ADS Link
  3. Berghmans et al. 2006, "SWAP onboard PROBA 2, a new EUV imager for solar monitoring.", Advances in Space Research, 38, Issue 8, 1807. ADS Link
  4. Halain et al. 2012: "First light of SWAP on-board PROBA2." SPIE proceedings 7732, pp. 77320P. ADS Link
  5. Hochedez et al. 2006, "LYRA, a solar UV radiometer on Proba2", Advances in Space Research, 37, Issue 2, 303. ADS Link
  6. BenMoussa et. al. 2009: "Pre-flight calibration of LYRA, the solar VUV radiometer on board PROBA2." A&A, 508, 1085. ADS Link
  7. BenMoussa et. al. 2013: "On-Orbit Degradation of Solar Instruments." Solar Physics. ADS Link
  8. BenMoussa et. al. 2053: "Degradation assessment of LYRA after 5 years on orbit - Technology Demonstration." Experimental Astronomy. ADS Link

Some PROBA2 papers are not available via ADS, but are nonetheless useful overview papers:

  1. Gantois et al. 2010: "BIG YEAR FOR SMALL SATELLITE - ESA’s second in-orbit technology demonstration mission: Proba-2." ESA bulletin 144. PDF file