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First Guest Investigators are selected

A Guest Investigator Program is available to promote the use of PROBA2 data. After a first Call for Ideas in May 2010, the Guest Investigators for the period Sep 2010 until Sep 2011 were selected during the Science Working Team meeting on June 15 2010. They are listed here.

The list of Guest Investigators, and their research topic, for the period Sep 2010 to Sep 2011 are the following:

Guest Investigators Sep 2010 - Sep 2011
Visitors’ names Project Title Research Proposal
Dipankar Banerjee & Krishna Prasad SWAP Transients and their role in heating and acceleration of the solar wind
R. Kariyappa LYRA Understand the Solar UV & Lyman Alpha Irradiance Variability From LYRA Observations
Yulia Shugay SWAP Studies of coronal holes and solar wind velocity forecasts based on SWAP data analysis
Vladimir.Slemzin, Alexander Urnov, Louise Harra & Sergey Kuzin SWAP Study of the solar inner corona and search for quasi-stationary coronal streams from active regions using SWAP off-disk observations
Gael Cessateur LYRA Reconstructing the solar variability from bandpass measurements
Martin Snow LYRA Cross-Calibration and Comparison of LYRA and SOLSTICE
Ines Kienreich SWAP Drivers and character of EIT waves
Claire Raftery SWAP Connection between solar flares and CMEs
Serge Koutchmy, Boris Filippov & Ehsan Tavabi SWAP Investigation of Jet-like TR/ Coronal Phenomena and mini-CMEs in 171 and 304
Spiros Patsourakis SWAP Study of CME Onsets and EUV waves with SWAP on PROBA2
Nandita Srivastava SWAP Study of the pre-­‐eruptive and eruptive phase of filaments/prominences in EUV 17.5nm using SWAP telescope on PROBA2

A second Call for Ideas, for the period Sep 2011 - June 2012, will be opened around May 2011.