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The P2SC launches its 10th Guest Investigator call - deadline 31 Jan 2023

The PROBA2 PI-team welcomes research proposals for the tenth round of its Guest Investigator program for research based on SWAP and LYRA data analysis by scientists outside the SWAP and LYRA PI-teams. We encourage in particular early-career post-docs and PhD students to apply, although more senior guest investigators' proposals are also welcome. In this round we anticipate funding for around five guest investigators or teams who will visit the PROBA2 Science Center at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, in Brussels, between February 2023 and December 2023. 
Selected proposers will be invited to spend a few weeks with the PI teams to obtain expert knowledge on the instruments, to specify observation campaigns according to the needs of their proposal, and to conduct their research. Two separate visits to the Science Center are possible, such that the first visit can be devoted to the preparation of the research and the second one to the finalization of the work. The ultimate goal for every GI visit is to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal.
Guest investigators may be reimbursed for travel, accommodation and living expenses up to a maximum of 5000 euro, provided that the guests home institute authorizes such payment. Limited support to present the results at an international conference (during the visit at the PROBA2 Science Center) can also be considered.
During the selection process, special consideration will be given to early-career scientists and PhD students, collaborative research teams with members from more than one research institute (funding above the 5000 euro level may be approved for such teams), to proposals that are closely aligned with the research topics in the call, and to proposals that appear likely to lead to publications. We welcome projects combining the PROBA2 payload with other instruments such as the EUI telescopes onboard Solar Orbiter.
More info can be found in the full call.