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Giving SWAP images a make over - novel image processing techniques

In 2014 Morgan and Druckmuller introduced a new image processing technique to reveal information at the finest scales of solar images, whilst maintaining enough of the larger-scale information to provide context.
Processed SWAP image
They used a new Multi-Scale Gaussian Normalisation technique. The method intrinsically flattens noisy regions and can reveal structure in off-limb regions out to the edge of the field of view. More details of the the technique can be found in Morgan and Druckmuller 2014
As an example, the authors applied this technique to SWAP images, and in particular an erupting filament observed on 31 August 2012. Where they observed the filament out to the extremity of the field of view. It was also possible to observe other quiescent structures to ∼1.5 Solar Radii. Even low-signal structures are enhanced without too much amplification of noise. An example image of this event can be seen below.
Processed SWAP image