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Guest Investigators for 2014-2015

A Guest Investigator Program is available to promote the use of PROBA2 data. After a fifth Call for Ideas in July 2014, the Guest Investigators for the period Sep 2014 until June 2015 were selected by the PROBA2 Science Working Team in August 2014.

The selected Guest Investigators, and their (provisional) research topic, for the period Aug 2014 to Jun 2015 are the following:

C. Arridge LYRA Solar EUV & solar wind effects on the ionosphere of Venus.
D. Banerjee SWAP Estimation of acceleration and evolution of angular width of Coronal Mass Ejections within SWAP FOV using CACTus.
J. de Patoul SWAP Morphology of evolution of plume and inter-plume regions.
L. Hayes LYRA Nature of red noise processes in solar flares and effect on observations of QPP.
J. Hutton SWAP/LYRA Search for active region expansion using PROBA2/SWAP.
J. Machol LYRA Investigation of solar flares at the Lyman-alpha wavelength with LYRA & GOES data