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Guest Investigators for 2013-2014

A Guest Investigator Program is available to promote the use of PROBA2 data. After a fourth Call for Ideas in July 2013, the Guest Investigators for the period Sep 2013 until June 2014 were selected by the PROBA2 Science Working Team on September 27 2013.

The selected Guest Investigators, and their (provisional) research topic, for the period Sep 2013 to Jun 2014 are the following:

V. Zigman LYRA Modelling flare induced ionization enhancements of the lower ionosphere with LYRA data.
A. Kobelski SWAP Studying AR-AR Reconnection after Flux Emergence.
N. Nitta SWAP/LYRA Studying the dome-like structure of large scale coronal propagating fronts and their relation with shock waves.
C. Bethge SWAP Combining SWAP and CoMP to study coronal pseudostreamers and their influence on solar wind speeds.
C. Guennou SWAP Performing tomographic reconstruction, in order to study the geometrical properties of coronal streamers.
D. Baker SWAP Investigating the nature and extent of large-scale AR loop expansion off-limb.