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PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 17

The PROBA2 team is pleased to announce the 17th PROBA2 Science Working Team (SWT) meeting, which will be held on Tuesday November 13, 2018 at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, between 15:30 - 17:30 local time (i.e. CET) in the Nadir room. The meeting will also be accesssible through webex, and a link for the meeting can be found here. The Password will be distributed to the user community closer to the date. However, the meeting is open to all those interested and have worked with the mission, so contact us if you wish to get involved.

As with most of our SWT meetings, we will present the usual mission status presentations and then we will have guest speakers present interesting science based on LYRA and SWAP measurements.

The current running order will be:

Ritesh Patel: Automated detection of coronal mass ejections in SWAP images using Parabolic Hough Transform

Matt West: PROBA2 science centre status

Elke D'Huys: SWAP status report

Marie Dominique: LYRA status report

Juha-Pekka Luntama: Significance of Proba-2 in ESA SSA Programme

Valeria Sieyra and Mariana Cecere: Analysing CME deflections

Ingolf Dammasch: Multi-instrument observations of an X9.3 flare

The presentations and minutes of the meeting will be available here and here following the meeting.