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PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 16

The PROBA2 team is pleased to announce the 16th PROBA2 Science Working Team (SWT) meeting, which will be held on Monday August 6, 2018 at Royal Observatory of Belgium, between 15:30 - 17:30 local time (i.e. CET+1). 
As with most of our SWT meetings, we will present the usual mission status presentations and then we will have guest speakers present interesting science based on LYRA and SWAP measurements.
The current running order will be:
  • Ranadeep Sarkar: Tracking the evolution of erupting coronal cavity using PROBA2/SWAP EUV images
  • Matt West: PROBA2 science centre status
  • Elke D'Huys: SWAP status report
  • Marie Dominique: LYRA status report
  • Alexandros Koukras: Studying the kinematics of EUV waves
  • Karen Meyer: Investigation of the middle corona with SWAP and a data-driven non-potential coronal field model
  • Michael Hahn: Density Fluctuations in a Polar Coronal Hole
  • Ed Thiemann: A New Window into Thermospheric Variability Provided by PROBA2/LYRA Solar Occultations
Following the success of SWT13, we will again organize this year's meeting through videoconference, allowing scientists from all over the globe to attend. The link to the webex can be found here, which will become live on the day of the meeting.
The presentations and minutes of the meeting will be available here and here following the meeting.