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PROBA2 data processing to be paused on June 24 - newly calibrated data will be published!

The PROBA2 team continuously works on improving the LYRA and SWAP data: the calibration routines for both instruments are updated regularly, and the latest version is always available, for example through SolarSoft. However, the level 1 data provided through our website and the solarsoft routines has been processed with the version of the calibration software that was available at the time of acquisition or processing. Therefore, the most recent improvements are not included in older level 1 files.  

To remedy this, we have embarqued on the massive project of reprocessing our complete data set, which contains over 10 years of SWAP images and LYRA measurements. This has been an enormous task and it is now nearly completed! The new level 1 data are calibrated in accordance with our best and most current understanding of detector behaviour and degradation. 

We will put the new fits files online on June 24, 2020. For that we will for a short time need to halt the processing of incoming SWAP and LYRA measurements. However, both instruments will be acquiring data throughout and also these fits files will become available shortly after the server transfer is finished.

We will make use of the pausing of the operational pipeline to also perform some maintenance activities on our infrastructure. Therefore we expect the PROBA2 Science Center to be offline between 2020-06-24T00:00:00 and 2020-06-25T00:00 to perform these tasks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Note that SWAP movies, polar images and synoptic maps have not been remade. The Carrington rotation fits files will be remade in the near future and put online as they become available. For LYRA, only the fits files and the level 4 quicklooks (daily calibrated data and 3-day quicklooks) were reprocessed. The other quicklooks remain unchanged.