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PROBA2 data processing to be paused on June 30

In anticipation of important network maintenance planned at the Belgian Space Pole where the PROBA2 Science Center is located, we will stop the processing of SWAP and LYRA data at 10:00 LT on June 30, 2021. This maintenance will affect to complete network infrastructure of the Space Pole and the network is expected to be unstable throughout the day. That also means that our website may be unavailable from time to time.

SWAP and LYRA send their data to ESA's ground station in Redu and from there they are forwarded to the P2SC for processing to science level products. This means that the acquisition of data by the PROBA2 instruments is not impacted. As soon as the maintenance is finished on our side, Redu will restart the forwarding of data packets to the P2SC. A little while will be needed for our processing pipelines to catch up with this backlog of data, but on July 1st we expect to have complete and processed data sets, also covering June 30.