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First X-flare in nearly 4 years!

Even though the new solar cycle 25 officially started in December 2019 already, solar physicists have had to wait for a long time for clear signs that solar activity is picking up. On July 3rd, 2021 they finally got to witness a strong solar flare. This X1.5 flare with peak time at 14:29 UT was the first X-class (extreme) flare that occurred in almost four years!



PROBA2/LYRA observations of the flaring activity on July 3 and 4, 2021.


The LYRA and SWAP instruments onboard PROBA2 were ready and observed this event from start to end. Their measurements clearly show that the active region where this flare originated (NOAA 2838) produced several other strong eruptions as well. However, at the time of the X-flare this active region was already rotating over the west solar limb, and by the time of writing no further activity was expected to be observed by LYRA or SWAP in this active region.




Movie of PROBA2/SWAP observations of the X-class flare on July 3, 2021.