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Fifth Call for PROBA2 Guest Investigator Program, extension of the deadline for proposal submission to 15 June 2014

SWAPLYRADue to the interest in the PROBA2 Guest Investigator Program and taking into consideration the extended holidays in several countries, the P2SC Team has decided to extend the proposal deadline for the PROBA2 Guest Investigator Program to 15 June 2014

The PROBA2 PI-team welcomes research proposals for the fifth round of its Guest Investigator program for research based on SWAP and LYRA data analysis by scientists outside the SWAP and LYRA PI-teams. We encourage in particular young post-docs and PhD students to apply, although more senior guest investigators' proposals are welcome also. In this round we anticipate funding for around five guest investigators or teams who will visit the PROBA2 Science Center at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, in Brussels, between September 2014 and March 2015.

Selected proposers will be invited to spend a few weeks with the PI teams to obtain expert knowledge on the instruments, to participate in the daily commanding of the SWAP and LYRA instruments according to the needs of their proposal, and to conduct their research. Two separate visits to the Science Center are possible, such that the first visit can be devoted to the preparation of the research and the second one to the finalization of the work. The ultimate goal for every GI visit is to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

Guest investigators may be reimbursed for travel, accommodation and living expenses up to a maximum of 5000 euro.  Limited support to present the results at an international conference (during the visit at the PROBA2 Science Center) can also be considered.

During the selection process, special consideration will be given to young scientists and PhD students, collaborative research teams with members from more than one research institute (funding above the 5000 euro level may be approved for such teams), and to proposals addressing the following research topics to which SWAP and LYRA are particularly well-suited:

  • The global structure of the EUV corona
  • Studies of the evolution of the corona and solar irradiance over the course of solar cycle 24
  • Large-scale propagating waves in the corona (EUV waves)
  • The mechanisms responsible for the initiation and driving of solar eruptions and associated phenomena
  • Studies of the interface between the coronal and heliospheric magnetic fields

More information about these research topics and how SWAP and LYRA might contribute to their study is available here. Note, however, that proposals covering all topics will be welcomed.

Proposals must be received by June 15, 2014, and should include:

  • a short CV of the candidate guest investigator
  • a max 2 page description of the proposed research including a description of the required SWAP and LYRA data. Information on the possibilities of the SWAP and LYRA instruments can be found on this website or by asking the PI teams
  • at least 1 publication authored by the candidate guest investigator related to the proposed research
  • a short motivation and estimate for the requested financial support as well as a motivation and timeframe of an eventual visit to the SWAP and LYRA PI-teams
  • in case the candidate guest investigator is a PhD-student, a recommendation letter from the thesis supervisor is also requested

Proposals should be sent in PDF format to swap_lyra AT (Questions about the program or application process can be sent to the same address.)

More information on logistics and accomodation can be found in the PROBA2 welcome book.

The submitted proposals will be selected by a subcommittee of the PROBA2 Science Working Team. Priority will also be given to research proposals that build upon the characteristics that make the SWAP and LYRA data unique.

Each selected Guest Investigator will be asked to write a small report on their activities following their stay and present their results in a seminar.