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PROBA2 Observes a Rare Transit of Venus

The 2012 Venus transit of the Sun was only visible for a short period in Belgium however it was recorded from beginning to end by a Belgian instrument onboard the satellite PROBA2.

PROBA2's Space-Based View of an Annular Solar Eclipse

On Monday, May 21, the shadow of the Moon swept over the Earth, treating observers in North America and East Asia to an annular eclipse. Though it was not visible in Belgium, a pair of Belgian instruments on the PROBA2 had a spectacular view of the eclipse from orbit.

Zonsverduistering 20 & 21 Mei 2012

Sunday 20 May 2012.

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Niet zichtbaar in België, maar waargenomen door Belgische instrumenten aan boord van PROBA 2.

Eclipse solaire 20 & 21 Mai 2012

Dimanche 20 Mai 2012.

Dit artikel in het Nederlands.
This article in English.


Non-visible en Belgique mais observée par des instruments spatiaux belges à bord de PROBA2

Third Call for PROBA2 Guest Investigators is Open

After two very successful rounds of GI visits, the PROBA2 team has opened a new call for Guest Investigators to visit the PROBA2 Science Center between September 2012 and June 2013.

Complete details about the GI program and application process are available here.

Happy Birthday PROBA2

At 01:50UT, 2 November 2009, SMOS and PROBA2 lifted off on the rockot vehicle from Plesetsk. Since then, SWAP, LYRA, DSLP and DPMU provide a continuous stream of solar and in-situ data towards the Space Weather and Solar Physics communities.


SWAP Carrington Rotation Movies

The PROBA2 team is now producing a new data product: deep-exposure SWAP movies that cover an entire Carrington rotation. These movies reveal the dynamics of large-scale coronal structures that typically evolve on very long timescales. Because of SWAP’s unique 54-arcmin field-of-view, these movies reveal many features never before seen in the Extreme-Ultraviolet.

Largest solar flare so far in Cycle 24

On August 9 at 08:05 UT, SWAP and LYRA onboard PROBA2 recorded a solar flare of class X6.9, the strongest so far in the current solar cycle. At the time of the flare, PROBA2 was offpointed to the west limb, close to where the flaring active region was located, so that part of the event could be observed off-limb.

SWAP Software August Update

Impressive M9.3 flare on August 4

On August 4 2011, around 4UT in the morning, a very strong solar flare (class M9.3) occurred in the North-Western quadrant of the Sun. The subsequent global EUV wave - comparable to a solar tsunami - influenced more than half of the solar surface. The following snapshots of the SWAP difference movie shows the explosive event in full glory. It was also associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME) which is now heading towards Earth.


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