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PROBA presentations at European Space Weather Week


From November 5 to 9, 2012, the European Space Weather Week 9 takes place in the Academie Royale in Brussels, Belgium.
PROBA2 is represented by almost the whole P2SC team and several presentations are given about the SWAP and LYRA data and their relevance to Space Weather applications. An overview is given below:
  • Space Weather Tutorial (Nov 5 morning) - Space Weather Shopping: Introduction to PROBA2 for Space Weather (Link to presentation and to mission movie below)
  • Space Weather Tutorial (Nov 5 morning) - Scientists in the sofa: Dan Seaton represented PROBA2 as SWAP principal investigator
  • PROBA2 Science Working Group Meeting 6: Link to the program
  • Several Posters were presented on PROBA2 studies (see abstract book at
This week, we also published a SWAP movie running over the complete mission! Starting in February 2010 and ending end of October 2012, it covers the complete rise of the solar cycle 24. Watch the solar cycle evolving, active regions growing and the off-limb activity increasing!
SWAP movie running over the complete mission