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LYRA data

Raw LYRA data are received at ESA’s ground station in Redu during 8-10 contacts per day and transferred to the PROBA2 Science Center (P2SC) via ftp link. Once received by the P2SC, the data are automatically processed, calibrated, and prepared for public distribution.

PROBA2 has begun its scientific mission in March 2010. Since then all data are freely available. The available data products are listed below. Click on the name for a detailed description, and on the link for the actual data in YYYY/MM/DD folders.


  • LYRA raw ’standard’ time curves, called Level 1, is a set of metadata and uncalibrated data daily fits files (link to the data)
  • Level 2 corresponds to the calibrated data, provided as daily fits files (link to the data)
  • Level 3 provides, as level 2, calibrated data, but averaged over 1 min (link to the data)
  • LYRA daily PNG files of calibrated timeseries for all 4 channels (1-min averaged), i.e. level4a data: link to the data
  • LYRA 3-day calibrated quicklook PNGs from the short wavelength channels 17-80 nm and 6-20 nm, i.e. level4b data: link to the data.
  • In addition, a list of flares derived from LYRA data is available. This list is still updated semi-manually.
  • The LYRA Timeline Annotation File (aka TARDIS) allows to filter LYRA data on certain LYRA events.

LYRA data of levels 1 and 2, and SWAP average intensity can be vizualized with the following interactive Quicklook Viewer.

How to find LYRA data from specific science campaigns?