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June 1st partial solar eclipse

On June 1st, a partial eclipse was visible on Earth at northern latitudes (see e.g.…). Between 20:40 and 22:46UT, PROBA2 crossed twice the path of the lunar shadow and registered 2 partial solar eclipses. SWAP was acquiring images at 30s cadence and made a very beautiful recording of the lunar transits.

SWAP observation of the June 1st, 2011, partial solar eclipse

The movie is available via the link below. Note that the moon’s shadow is visible a third time in the SWAP images: around 19UT, the shadow also appears in the upper right corner of the SWAP FOV.

LYRA, at the same time, made detailed observations of the occultation of X and (E)UV signals during the two moon transits, as shown on the timeline below. The steepest drops in the Zr and Al curves are the consequence of active regions being occulted.

June 1st, 2011, partial solar eclipse as seen by LYRA

ESA also published this PROBA2 eclipse movie on YouTube.

See online : SWAP eclipse movie