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SWAP Software August Update

For Scientists using the SWAP software package in SSWIDL: We recently updated all of our SWAP FITS files to improve the way in which we labeled pixel scale. On the positive side, this should improve the compatibility of images from SWAP and images from other instruments. However, the SWAP calibration routines associated with in SolarSoft will not work properly with the new files. To ensure compatibility, all users should upgrade to the latest version of the SWAP software in SSWIDL.

Upgrading is usually simply, and can be done by executing the following command in an SSWIDL session:

IDL> ssw_upgrade, /swap, /spawn

Your computer will then automatically retrieve the latest version of the SWAP software an install it in the correct place and you’ll be ready to go.

If you have additional questions regarding these changes or their implications for data products or software, you can contact the PROBA2 team at

Additional information about SolarSoft (SSWIDL) is available here.