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PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 15

PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 15
Minutes of PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 15
28 November 2017
European Space Weather Week 14
The 15th PROBA2 Science Working Team (SWT) meeting was held on Tuesday November 28, 2017 from 13:00 to 14:30 central european time. The meeting was organized during European Space Weather Week 14, in the ‘Stijnen’ during the Free Style Lunch break. The meeting included several presentations from people working on PROBA2 observations. The initial announcement can be found here and the meeting agenda is given below
Meeting Agenda
The running order was:
Welcome - M.J. West
  • The Team
  • PROBA2 vital statistics
  • P2SC software upgrades
  • Instrument Health
  • GI Status - 7 Rounds completed, 8th on the way.
SWAP status report - E. D'Huys
  • Instrument Health and Performance -nominal, We have ~1.8 million engineering fits files, and ~1.6 million calibrated images (end of November)
  • SWAP Reprocessing - Ongoing.
  • Data Improvements - SWAP bakeout.
  • SWAP calibration.
  • Re-extraction of old passes.
  • SWAP reprocessing - ongoing. 
  • Carrington Movies - now with daily updates
  • Outreach & Science - SWAP campaign for GI’s Slemzin-Rodkin-Goryaev, Joint IRIS - SWAP - SUMER observing campaigns, partial solar eclipse: 2017-Feb-26
  • Upcoming Celestial Event, Annular Solar Eclipse: 2017-Feb-26; Total Solar Eclipse: 2017-Aug-21
LYRA status report - I. Dammasch
  • LYRA collaborative calibration campaigns; the SUMER campaign coordinated by J.C. Vial in April 2017; a flare hunting campaign in September 2017
  • Calibration updates - dark current analysis and linear degradation in channel 1-4
  • Science outreach - Observed the biggest flare of solar cycle 24 - observed in all 4 LYRA passbands
  • New data product - Retrieval of O+N2 densities from LYRA occultation data
  • Aim for comparison with MARS involving MAVEN data
  • Post-geomagnetic storm detection of ultra-relativistic electrons by LYRA
  • Papers by LYRA
  • Eclipse observation by LYRA
  • Overview of the GI program
Guest Speakers:

Judith De Patoul - Solar plumes network investigation with PROBA2/SWAP data

  • Presented her Polar Plume work perfomed on a previous GI project, combinging SWAP observations with tomography

Dana Talpeanu - Observational Analysis of Coronal Fans

  • Presented an observational analysis of coronal fans, showing her Masters work performed with Laurel Rachmeler

Elena Podladchikova - EUV jets direct observations with PROBA2/SWAP in low solar corona

  • Discussed Particle acceleration as seen by Solar EUV imagers

Thanassis Katsiyannis - The detection of ultra-relativistic electrons in low Earth orbit

  • Presented his LYRA/EPT Perturbations project
Matthew J West
Elke D'Huys
Barbara J Thompson
Dana Talpeanu
David Berghmans
Robbe Vansintjan
Ingolf Dammasch
Laurence Wauters
Marilena Mierla
Sergio Dasso
Luciano Rodriguez
Judith De Patoul
Jennifer O'Hara
Cis Veerbeck
Lena Podladchikova
Janet Machol
Iulia Chifu
Thanassis Katsiyannis
Werner Schmutz
Emil Kraaikamp
Karin Dissauer
Nariaki Nitta
Pierre Rochus
Werner Verschueren
Manolis Georgolius