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PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 14

PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 14
PROBA2 Science Working Team Meeting 14 Minutes
16 November 2016
European Space Weather Week 13
The 14th PROBA2 Science Working Team (SWT) meeting was held on Wednesday November 16, 2016 from 13:15 to 14:45 central european time. The meeting was organized during European Space Weather Week 13, in the ‘Mercator’ during the Free Style Lunch break. This year the SWT focussed on Guest Investigator projects using PROBA2. So the meeting included several presentations from past and present guest investigators. The initial announcements and meeting agenda can be found here
Meeting Agenda
The running order will be:
Welcome - M.J. West
  • Mission confirmed to the end of 2018, extension through 2020 to be decided early 2017
  • PROBA2 data serving into SSCC operations, Space Weather Forecasters, SolarSoft Latest Events...
  • 2015 On-Board Software Upgrade Successful
  • Major P2SC Software Upgrade Underway
  • Introduction to the new Team
  • PROBA2 vital statistics
  • P2SC software upgrades
  • Instrument Health
  • PROBA2 Events and Outreach - Collaborations - Special campaigns
  • GI Status - 6 Rounds completed, 7th on the way.
  • Instrument Health and Performance -nominal, We have ~1.5 million engineering fits files, and ~1.3 million calibrated images (end of October)
  • SWAP Reprocessing - Planned for next year.
  • Outreach & Science - Annular solar eclipse,
  • Upcoming Celestial Event, Annular Solar Eclipse: 2017-Feb-26; Total Solar Eclipse: 2017-Aug-21
  • Special campaigns - SWAP campaign for GI’s Slemzin-Rodkin-Goryaev, Goal: observe illumination by back-sided solar flares, High-cadence observations during 2 orbits on 23/09/2016 and 24/09/2016, May be repeated, depending on solar activity.
LYRA status report - I.E. Dammasch
  • Instrument Health and Status - Degradation by UV-polymerization of carbon molecules.
  • Latest observations - Eclipse observations; quasi-periodic pulsations observations
  • 6 Rounds Complete:
48 Guest Investigator Teams
55 Guest Investigators have visited ROB
4 to visit
9 Mphys / PhD Thesis
  • Areas of Study
Flows and Eruptions
Irradiance & Emission Studies
Coronal Holes
Calibration Studies
Solar Variability
EUV Waves
Filaments & Prominences
Active Regions
Pseudostreamers and Streamers
Solar Wind
Planetary Studies
Guest Speakers:
Matthew J West
Barbara J Thompson
Elke D'Huys
David Berghmans
Robbe Vansintjan
Ingolf Dammasch
Chloé Guennou
Laurence Waulters
Marilena Mierla
Sergio Dasso
Luciano Rodriguez
Birgit Ritter
Jasmina Magdalenic
Andrei Zhukov
Judith De Patoul
Vradislav Krupar