July 11 2010 eclipse

This directory contains SWAP pictures and movies related to the July 11 2010 eclipse.

is a combined mosaic image made by summing up hunderds of images in various off-pointing directions made shortly before the actual eclipse. The result is an image with an extended field of view: plasma structure up to 1 solar radius above the solar limb can be distinguised in the North East direction (top left). If one blocks the solar disc want gets an approximation of what people on the ground in Easter Island should have seen. Produced by Vladimir Slemzin (Lebedev Institute, Russia)

One individual image during the eclipse, showing nicely the moon shadow and the big active region.

A movie over the full duration of the eclipse. PROBA2 crossed the path of the lunar shadow 4 times, therefore the movie is a bit longish and the moon is seen passing by 4 times.

just the eclipse passes, includes subtitles identifying image as SWAP, frame times, and which eclipse pass

same as above, no subtitles

different, slightly sharper version of the eclipse movie with time only in subtitles

as above, but including all images during the eclipse period (many with no eclipse)